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Together against coronavirus

Coronika lets you make entries of who who met and where you have been. It reminds you to wash hands and lists helpful hygiens tips.

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Latest Update

An updated interface for new input

Encounters can now be entered with details about distance kept, ventilation, masks and more.

Health is the greatest gift this year

During the holidays, you will receive important tips to minimize infections

Export optimized for health authorities

Overview can be easily accessed as PDF or CSV (SORMAS-compatible)

A diary for the health of all of us

With a small contribution you can improve the chances of staying healthy for yourself and your loved ones.

Available in 17 languages

More coming soon

Phonebook import

Make entries for persons you are in close contact with by selecting from your phonebook or create them manually.

Save locations

Did you have to use the tram or did you go the supermarket for groceries? Make entries for locations you have been at.

Manage groups

Create groups of persons to easily manage contacts with groups such as collegues.
(coming soon)

Hygiene tips

Get simple notifications and hygiene tips to follow. They immensely improve the prevention of spread of the coronavirus.

Export diary

In case of a positive test, you can simply share your diary with the health department to help facilitate contact tracking.

Spread the mission not the virus

Share Coronika app with as many people as possible. More people using it means more people staying healthy.

With clarity and reason

Don't let the coronavirus tip you into panic. Stay informed and help others around you, by following hygiene tips and keeping an eye on reputable sources of information.

Your data is yours alone

All data created and used by Coronika is stored locally and will not be tracked or passed on.

In case of infection you can export an overview of all your close contacts to support health authorities and the people around you.

Create a diary of persons you have met.

Log contacts and locations, reconstruct paths of infection and help containing the spread of the virus together.

Right now, we are working on

//more input options
//coronika for schools

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Made with ❤️ by Kreativzirkel

As a design studio we believe in the responsibilty as designers. Thus we created the Coronika App to aid in the containment of the novel coronavirus.
Do you have Feedback or ideas to improve the app? 📩👍Feel free to drop us an email!